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Caldonia Walton creates dance work that links with theatre, text and film, using clear narratives about the world we live in realised through physical movement and a touch of comedy.

everyday choreography is a charming short dance film following Gerrard, an overworked 45-year-old man on his way home from a tiring day at the office.

He puts his headphones in to forget about his worries and finds himself amongst amusing interactions with two passers-by that alter his outlook on life.

Everyday Choreography has been screened on the Channel 4 Random Acts website, Derby Quad, Electric Palace (Birmingham) and Kings Cross pop-up cinema (London). It is currently part of the Playback Touring exhibition in association with Random Acts.


I got involved with Random Acts through my friend Caldonia Walton.

She came to me with a brief of her initial inspiration for the project which was an eruption into a carnival of movement and noise.

The track was funky take-off by Quinta Feira and she said: “It’s a bit out there and obviously samba but you get the feeling I’m trying to create and I know it has a lot of brass in it!”

Some of her other inspiration for the film came from Fatboy Slim‘s video featuring Christopher WalkenWeapon Of Choice

Back in Micky’s basement, I was quite limited in what percussion and instruments I had to recreate the samba/carnival feel Caldonia was looking for.

We used every percussion instrument we could find in my percussion bag including shakers, triangles and even an old oil radiator to create the sound of a güiro.

Below is the track I recorded in the basement studio in Dock St, London.