If you’ve got a project that needs some drums or percussion for recordings, dance, TV or Film. Then please send me a message via the contact button just below or by sending me an email. I’ll get right back to you to arrange a price that fits your budget.

All genres are welcome!


We can either arrange a Zoom/Skype/FaceTime or similar to discuss the vibe and sound that you are looking for. Then you’ll send over your files/stems via WeTransfer/Dropbox/Google Drive or via your preferred file transfer service.

All I’ll need from you is a rough mix or demo of your song.


After I’ve recorded my drums parts, I can play you my takes in real-time, using Audiomovers and Zoom, or I’ll email you an MP3 of your song with my drums. We’ll then talk about any changes you may want.

Once you’re happy I’ll send you all 13 individual dry drum tracks, and a stereo drum mix with FXs if required.

Unlimited revisions and 2 days turnaround. Additional percussion costs can be negotiated.

For any more information or to get in touch about a booking just fill in the contact form by pressing the button below.


You can find many of the projects I’ve worked with on my PROJECTS page.


"A true professional with timing both time keeping and keeping with the groove. A joy to work with and my go to for all critical sessions. Got good musician buddies ready for any session."

Ransford Roy-MacaulayProducer - JPM Recordings
"Excellent work on the recent Band of Holy Joy album."
Brian O'ShaughnessyProducer - Primal Scream/My Bloody Valentine/Birdie/Denim

Five Stars!

Rikinder Panesar Guitarist

"Great space for some drum recording - Andrew was really helpful and friendly with setup too"

Micky TurkingtonBass Player
"I played with Andrew on tour with Richard Strange. He is solid, professional, listens to the musicians around him and - equally importantly - he is very easy to get on with!"
Terry EdwardsSaxophonist - PJ Harvey/Nick Cave/Madness/Tindersticks/Ian Dury
"Phénoménal drummer! He’s dynamic with a lovely feel. Played in loads of projects with him and he always delivers whether live or in the studio."
Dan HoweSinger/Songwriter

"I've been very fortunate to cross paths with Andy both musically and as a friend. A great drummer and a joy to work with"

"I had the pleasure of working and touring with Andrew Gallop on drums as Richard 'Dr Of Madness' Strange band....fabulous drummer..totally reliable and in the pocket!...his recording studio is a must!!"

Steve 'Boltz' BoltonGuitarist - The Who/Atomic Rooster/Paul Young

"Great drummer! Andy is easy to collaborate with and puts everything into his performances"

Ed RipleyProducer - Goat Girl/River Fury/Frank Turner/Long Teeth

"I had the pleasure to play with Andrew on The Wishing Well tour in 2019. He’s a very great drummer and a wonderful person!"

Léo RochaBass Player - The Wishing Well

"As a TV Producer I booked Andrew to pre-record a track for a live performance on a show on E4. He was incredibly flexible, working quickly with 3 musicians he’d not worked with before so as to not inhibit our quick turnaround. Extremely reliable and lovely - we ended up booking him for the actual shoot and the cast loved him."

Samuel LumleyTV Producer

"I was so Lucky to have met Andy Gallop through Richard Strange! And even more for having started to make news songs with him! He is such a brilliant and inspiring drummer and composer. I’m looking forward what might come next in new projects with Andy!!"

António OlaioThe Cross Eyed Reporter/Solo Artist

"I have had the privilege of playing live shows and recording with Andrew for many years now. I can categorically say he is the most professional and highest quality drummer I have ever worked with. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with me and for always giving 100%"

Callum HayesBass Guitar - River Fury/Chaser

"Andy Gallop has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. He combines precision with flair and is an absolutely reliable sticks man who can lay down the drums and/or percussion flawlessly to any track, recording session or live performance. He's dependable in every way and I can't recommend him highly enough! Go for it, you won't regret it."

"Andy is one of the most talented musicians I’ve worked with. His playing is interesting, warm, versatile and sensitive.
We have worked together in many different settings (acoustic concert, studio recording, even a performance in a forest), and he has proven to be the most helpful with me and other string players, helping with the logistics (in places like Abbey Road studios or Air he has been the perfect communicator between us, the string players, and the sound engineer). I highly recommend him, he is the best!"

Patricia Ramírez Reinoso Viola - Harpo Smith/Orlando Seale and the Swell/Freelance

"Andy is one of the best drummers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He recently played drums across the entirety of our newest album, and I’ve never known a drummer more prepared than Andy. He had learned and rehearsed all the drum parts beforehand, drew up drum charts to play from and added his own style, embellishments and improvements. The session couldn’t have gone more smoothly and his playing really makes the record. I highly recommend Andy for both live and recorded sessions."

James Stephen FinnGuitarist - Band of Holy Joy

Andrew Gallop is the best drummer Band of Holy Joy have worked with in the studio. His meticulous attention to detail underpins immense skill all powered by a beautiful enthusiasm. He elevated our most recent album Fated Beautiful Mistakes and brought great depth and power to it. We saw him first playing live for Richard Strange and we were so impressed by his power and versatility we asked him in on the making of our album. So glad we did it was the best choice we could possibly make.

Johny Brown Singer/Songwriter

I have had the immense privilege and good fortune to collaborate with Andrew on at least three major projects over the last 7 years. 

Andrew is a very gifted percussionist and an extremely hardworking, open-minded and adventurous artist. His range as a musician is very impressive and he’s always embraced each new adventure with openness and curiosity.

Orlando SealeActor, Musician, Artist

"Andrew Gallop is an exceptional musician, and is also one of the very best people I know. I have had the absolutely pleasure of working with. He is a constant professional that will bring laughter, positivity and enthusiasm to any job assigned to him, whilst maintaining a calm and confident exterior that puts everyone at instant ease. I very much hope to continue to have the opportunity to work with him moving forward throughout the entirety of my own musical career. Big up main man Andrew. You the man. x"

Lilibud DearsleySinger/Songwriter


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