DaCapo Music Foundation 30th Anniversary


DaCapo was established 30 years ago as a Saturday Music Centre with a Kodaly approach.

Teacher training grew from the need to train DaCapo’s own teachers and then others asked for the training too – schools, individuals, local authorities and more.

Then followed a small publishing arm – DaCapo needed tutor books, repertoire and classroom resources and suitable teaching materials were nowhere to be found. Commissioning quality material was an important part of the growth and development of the foundation.

DaCapo’s North London Saturday Centre is so much more than a place of music learning. It’s a place for people to explore their creativity in a safe and supportive environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Our specially crafted music programme is open to children of all ages and can be customised to your availability and budget. 

DaCapo’s team of teachers are experts in their fields and will provide you with world-class instrumental tuition that fits hand-in-hand with our approach.  Every DaCapo student has the opportunity to take part in our many ensembles and we also provide regular performance opportunities and a weekly concert!

We’ve spent thirty years educating young people using our unique approach that comprises the influences of Kodaly and Eurythmics. 

The teaching puts an emphasis on creativity and enjoyment. The DaCapo philosophy doesn’t enforce practice but instead aims to create an environment that encourages children to want to learn and play independently.  Most importantly, we put musicianship first, so that children get the best all-around start to their music learning. 

You can find out more about DaCapo’s teaching approach on their website here. 

An example of a DaCapo lesson at Red Level


Embarking on the Kodály music training journey with DaCapo was an enriching experience, leading to the attainment of my initial certificate. The program offered by DaCapo provided comprehensive musical training and helped improved my teaching by making music learning fun again for both children and adults.

Following the successful completion of the music training at DaCapo, I advanced my musical journey with the school by taking on leadership roles within various piano/percussion groups. This hands-on experience allowed me to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a practical setting, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for the students. Whilst at the Saturday school I also assisted in General Musicianship, one-to-one lessons and various Orchestras and Ensemble groups. Preparing pupils for end of term concert and Cafe Concerts at the Saturday.

My time at DaCapo sadly came to an end of the summer term of 2023, as I expanding my private teaching and recording and needed to free up time for this.