Ana Arts


Blue, grey and green tones will penetrate your eardrums until they make their way into your basal ganglia, it will make you freeze and stop you from worrying about your ever-growing rent arrears.

London based singer-songwriter ‘Ana Arts’, has a somewhat twisted way of writing, but hey; I guess someone had to be that person.

She is often compared to artists such as Nico, Regina Spektor, Daughter & Radiohead.

Some of her known pastimes consist of; over-analysing situations, making situations up & trying to look for the end before the beginning has even started.


I played and recorded a lot of demos with Ana in the basement studio that I built with Micky Turkington (the bassist of  Harpo Smith & Orlando Seale and The Swell) at his Live In Guardian property in Dock Street, Tower Hill, I have only played one gig with Ana.

We played a gig at an art gallery in West London called Shotgun Studio for the opening of  XXIST CENTURY CATHARSIS .5 | AN EXHIBITION BY JAMES JOHN WOOD

Oh darling please do be quiet - 2016 - Oil painting on three panels of perspex - 210cm x 160cm

Jenga - 2015 - Oil on Canvas - 122cm x 91cm

Jenga – 2015


I really like his artwork. I found them very interesting and the pieces in this exhibit were very political.

We performed in front of the gallery on the public footpath. There were lots of things going on at the event; a bar, live music, fireworks, fire jugglers, one-to-one poetry in a bath as well as private viewings of the artwork, it was actually quite the event.

It was a short but sweet set of about 6 or 7 songs for 30 minutes. Ana hasn’t done much music since I played with her, I think she went travelling around the world for a bit of a break. She has some really good songs, so I do hope she’s been on some interesting and creative musical adventures behind the scenes.

Here’s a video of her performing at 100 Club in London.