Photoshoot from Camden


Refuge are a new London based indie rock band intent on bringing epic melodic rock into your ears and back into the mainstream, creating songs that take you through a wide range of emotions that you just can’t help but sing along and tap your foot to.

Refuge are a true representation of London and as such are a multi-national band each bringing different influences into the music and character of this band whilst also appealing to the masses.

The band make real songs for real people with lyrics people will relate to while the music blends all the classic rock bands from the past with a modern twist taking you from ecstatic highs, sombre lows, heart-wrenching ballads, driving epic odysseys and back again. Behind each song the mantra is the same; Big sound+big songs for people to come have a great night singing and enjoying themselves.

Refuge are currently in the Studio with JPM Recordings working on their forthcoming EP, ready to take this sound onto the road and the festival circuit.

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Gig with Refuge in Cardiff

Refuge in Leicester

Refuge was one of the first bands I joined back in Cardiff around 2006/2007.

We rehearsed and played in and around Cardiff a lot at festivals and venues such as EsFest, O’Neil’s, The Vulcan Lounge, Kokos and Dempseys were a few regular haunts for the band. We even played an infamous gig in Lecister that involved broken drums and sleeping in a Warehouse.

I left the band In 2009 when I moved to London to further my studies in music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in Kilburn.

Years later, around 2018, I was contacted by Joe the lead singer. We had remained in contact over the years and spoke to each other regularly. He was living and working in London and still regularly playing some acoustic shows and open mic nights in the bars and pubs of Crouch End.

To cut down what could be a long and convoluted story. Joe was offered a recording contract by an independent record label JPM Recordings, based in Dagenham, London. The label is owned and run by Roy Macaulay. Roy found commercial successes in the late 90s under his producing name Darkjoint with Malarchi’s hit single ‘No Question‘.

Recording Setup at JPM Recordings

Recording Demos at JPM

Joe had been offered an artist development deal and was looking to put a band together to record an EP for JPM. I can’t go into to0 much detail about what we did as there could be a legal midfield with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Joe was offered a package that included: recording costs, marketing, remixes, photos, website, touring and media training. Essentially they offered Joe a package where they would help raise his profile and standards of creative output to a level that a major record label would take interest in him and eventually offer him a recording contract.

I helped Joe get the band rehearsed and we recorded some demos in Roy’s studio but ultimately having another full-time band in development was too much for me at the time. So once again I handed the drum throne back to Joe.

In 2019 the band recorded a 4 track EP Illusions of Grandeur and have tucked some impressive support slots under their belts. Supporting industry legends such as Republica, Carl Barât, Toplader and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.