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London College of Fashion is one of the foremost centres of fashion education in the world. It’s a reputation we are very proud of. Staying ahead in one of the most exciting and competitive industries takes some doing, but we’re up to the challenge.

We nurture the next generation of fashion and footwear designers, stylists, make-up artists, buyers, photographers, journalists and managers.

We give them the skills they need and provide them with unique insights into the workings of this ever-changing industry, in the most dynamic city in the world.

Our work is centred on the development of ideas.

Our staff and students use fashion, alongside cultural and historical practice, to challenge social, political and ethical agendas.

This, combined with our forward-thinking business and management portfolio and relationship with the global fashion and lifestyle industries, underpins our mission to “Fashion the Future”.


I first met my good friend and colleague Richard Strange as one of my lecturers at The Insitute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). He took us for 2-hour classes on Creativity in Context. In a nutshell, the module was all about how you can create music in other situations and environments, other than becoming a rockstar and still making a living as a musician.

One such module for the course was music in fashion. Richard’s wife Kelly Dearsley Strange was at the time the head of moving image at the London College of Fashion. About midway through the first semester one of the lectures was arranged to be at the London College of Fashion in Shepard’s Bush.

The students had been assigned one of their final projects of the year which was a moving piece of fashion film. They needed to make sure it covered all of the legal aspects of putting something online to the public without infringing copyright. That included the music.

Richard gave a lecture to students from both courses and afterwards, we had some time to socialise and network with each other. Swapping ideas and contact details to start collaborating on their projects.

Here are some of the projects I was involved with:

Cat Pykett

Nathalie Dattelkremer