As a professional drummer and percussionist with over 10 years of industry experience, I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge from performing, recording and touring around the UK and Europe.

I’ve worked in a variety of musical environments from orchestras and brass bands to contemporary styles and projects such as folk, rock and pop bands. This extensive industry experience has led me to perform at famous venues, concert halls and festivals, working with industry legends and record at some of the worlds most renowned recording studios.


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso

I’m a big believer in the notion that there is always something new to be learnt. No matter what the subject, your level or ability. There are always different techniques or perspective to be had. you should always keep on learning!

I’m had some amazing tutors and mentors over the years, some of them are still good friends and colleagues of mine.

Drum TuitionIan Thomas (Eric Clapton, Luther Vandross, Mike Oldfield, Tom Jones, Mark Knopfler, Mick Jagger, BB King)

Drums TuitionChuck Sabo (Elton John, Brian Eno, Tom Jones, Natalie Imbruglia)

Drums Tuition Mark Roberts (D:Ream, Massive Attack Neneh Cherry, Blabbermouth)

Percussion TuitionFergus Gerrand (Duran Duran, Robert Plant, Whitesnake, Madonna, Sting, Katie Melua)

Creative TuitionRichard Strange (Actor, singer/songwriter, writer, curator, Doctors of Madness)

If you’ve got someone you’ve always wanted to work with. Send them a message. The worst that can happen is you won’t hear from them. Even if you don’t hear back from the first time. Try and try again. Sometimes messages don’t reach people. If you don’t take the action yourself, then you’ll never know the answer and you’ll only just have the question in the back of your mind. What if?

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I am a highly motivated and experienced drum kit and percussion tutor, with over 10 years worth of experience in educating students of all ages and abilities, including pupils with special education needs (SEND). I am educated to a degree level (BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship) from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), Kilburn, London. I have demonstrable success in tutoring pupils to the highest of standards in the Trinity and Rockschool syllabi with each of my private pupils entered for an exam achieving a grade of merit or higher.

I have taught pupils both privately and within schools. Ranging from entire music classes of music enrichment, small groups of percussion, full-day and curriculum lead workshops (Samba, African Drumming and Junk Percussion) and individual one-to-one private lessons. Being a drummer and percussionist, the natural position in the band is that of a timekeeper and leader.

This is a transferable skill I use in my teaching through sound communication and relationship building skills I am able to quickly understand pupils learning abilities and deliver engaging and inspiring lessons to each pupil’s specific needs. I can then use this understanding to encourage the pupils’ personal growth and their passion for music.


My approach varies depending on the individual student’s needs and learning style. However, my teaching philosophy is based on encouraging students to think for themselves, using real-world examples wherever possible.

I work with each pupil to set their own realistic and achievable goals. Typically, I start from a base that utilises their personal musical interests, moving gradually towards more complex areas which can include technique, independence and creativity as their confidence builds and ability grows.

Throughout the learning process, I use questions and examples to check their understanding and progression continually. I don’t lecture my students or ask them to memorise things. Instead, I use my own experiences and learning to encourage them and devise real-world and practical methods to overcome any issues they may encounter during the learning process.

You can find out more about lessons by heading over to the LESSONS page of this website.


I have signed record and publishing deals with numerous major and independent labels. Often leading to false promises and dead ends. In 2019 I started to research and study marketing and the music business in more detail. There are many artists forging a career in the music industry and doing it all on their own terms.

There are many different courses out there run by musicians and managers. Some notable examples are; Smart Music Business run by Rap/Rock/Christian artist Manafest, An insightful industry blog Ari’s Take and Ari’s Take Academy run by singer-songwriter Ari Herstand, Music Marketing Manifesto run by Folk/Americana singer John Oszajca, Hypeddit a download gate, smart link and education resource run by DJ John Gold and The Music Industry Blueprint run by Rick Barker (Taylor Swifts ex-manager).

I am now taking on clients from the music industry. Providing my services, guidance and advice to record labels, artists and bands helping them create brands that are consistent, effective and efficient.


You may have already read through my ABOUT ME section but if you missed it then here are some of the people, recordings, tours and gigs I’ve worked on in my career so far

Performing, Touring and Recording: Supporting The Psychedelic Furs on their 2018 European tour, opening for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & Patti Smith at All Points East Festival, singing backing vocals for The Divine Comedy on their album Foreverland, recording and playing the percussion on numerous tours for The Doctors of Madness around the UK and Europe, recording an album at Rockfield Studios, opening for Ms Dynamite with Fortnight In Florida, supporting Nadine Shah with Harpo Smith and embarking on a 3-month tour of Europe with Australian folk/rock band The Wishing Well

Musicians and Industry Legends: I’ve had the privilege of working with an ever-growing list of industry legends in my career such as; Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton (The Who, Paul Young, Atomic Rooster), Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), John Leckie (Muse, Radiohead, Stone Roses, XTC, Doctors of Madness), Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness, The Phenomenal Rise of Richard Strange, Tom Waits, William S. Burroughs, Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese), Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Hot Chip, The Higsons, Madness), Orlando Seale (Actor, Orlando Seale and The Swell, Harpo Smith) and Jamie Perrett (Babyshambles, Love Minus Zero, Peter Perrett, Strange Fruit).